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JB or Johnny Bee Good,

He is a loving boy, born 6.th of April 2010.

His mother is Int.nord.UCH NORD.JV-06 NV.08 Sound Solution Gully Miss Molly,
"Molly" who is after Multi ch. Aryakas Cosmo Junior & Dk N,UCH Argovian Cinnamon Delight. 

His father is Int. Nord. UCHL’Ausanne Renaissance at Briargait," Brian". He is an Australian import, from high winning Australian and New Zeeland lines. Both parents are top winning dogs in Norway in 2009. They have an excellent temper that they have given to their offspring’s.

JB is very short in the body, long neckline, lovely head, excellent boning and bite, his “family jewels” in the right place since 6,5 week old. Almost 12 kilos at 11 weeks. Wall eyes with very good pigmentation.  Nice markings, and promising puppy coat.

He is as Old English sheepdogs most, very eager to please, love to cuddle and happy just to be around people.


Utstillingsresultater for 2010




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