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L'ausanne Renaissance at Briargait

Født: 01.02.2008


Aust.Ch. Packardia Now Your Talk'n Am CH Bugaboo's Talk'n About You Am Ch.Can Ch Bugaboo's Some'n To Talkabout
Am CH Bugaboos Blu Mountain Chill
Aust ch Packardia Absolutley Fab Bugaboo's Some'n To Talkabout
Woolliwoof Allied Spirit
Aust Ch.L'Ausanne Brigette Bardot NZ Grand CH AM CH
Cottonwood Come Fly With Me
Am CH Scalawagge Extra Edition
AM ch Cottonwood Miss Hedda Hopper
L'ausanne Christian Dior Oldoak Private Eye
L'ausanne Belle Therese
Oppdretter: B&M Espie & Kennel Briargait V/ Lisa Ellis, Australia