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The puppies has turned 7,5 weeks, and there is
activity from the break of dawn until sunset.

They have been to their first check-up to the vet,
where they got a complete health check, their first
vaccination, they got their chip inserted and they got
their eye examined.  I though that would bee an
exhausting experience but as the well behaved litter
they are, the vet almost got them certified as

They are a lively gang of puppies who enjoy the
outside life, we take them for walks in the area
so that they can be used to different environments,
and different smells, and I don’t know if it’s just the
puppy way of peeing everywhere or if
the boys are trying to prove themselves, but they
have to pee where daddy Brian has walked and where uncle Caliz has been.

They all like their food and they don’t leave much
leftovers for mummy Molly too eat, and she sure
can need some more food, because the puppies
don’t want to miss their morning and afternoon
sip of the milk bar…


Here are some pictures taken on a cloudy day in Trondheim.

Any questions about the puppies?
Just call +47 924 01 464

or email:

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